Premium bets win/loss record since May 19, 2018:


236-227 for +238.31u (+$23,831 if 1u = $100)



**This site is where I sell my official bets that I am making and tracking each week. I only track the plays that I sell and have sold since May 19, 2018. These are just the plays that I like and if you want to tail or fade them that is fine, but ultimately you should bet what you like and never risk more than you are willing to lose. I cannot see the future I just think I can handicap fights better than the books. I have recently started including my Best Bets Breakdown which is my pick prediction for each fight with my capped win percentage, as well as my favorite 1-3 bets for those who want action on every fight. I tend to stick to 3 or less official plays each week personally. I also have my full card DraftKings breakdown included in the monthly/yearly packages. No refunds (unless stated in the weekly purchase).


I do all my DFS content over at if you are interested in that. I have coaches’ notes, a weekly podcast, as well as help in their Discord available over there (promo code SLEEVELESS saves 10% each month).


I also work with SportsLine but I just post my pick predictions over there with short breakdowns for every fight. I do not sell any tracked bets there so this is the place to go if you want to know what I am personally betting myself each week.

Big Marley's Current Picks


Kyle Marley is a MMA handicapper who works for MMAOddsBreaker, and previously worked for Covers and FTN Bets. He is also the MMA expert over at CBS SportsLine and the lead MMA DFS coach over at DFS ARMY. Before launching this site, Kyle started selling his premium picks in mid-2018 with Covers and MMAOddsBreaker where he started his tracking record for all sold picks.


We have annual and monthly VIP access to all of Kyle’s MMA bets as well as direct contact if you have any questions on any fights or bets. We also have single event packages available as well. Come join the team and print this money with us!


Use my DraftKings link below to sign up and new users will get a sign up bonus. If you need help with DFS then we have you covered over at DFS ARMY and you can save 10% every month with my promo code, SLEEVELESS. Just click the link below and join the team.

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